Carnival in Sicily

About the Sicilian Carnival

The more famous Carnival festivities can be found in Acireale and Sciacca. I still remember one year I went to Sciacca, it was quite funny. Will say that I'm not really a big fan of Carnival, I saw them in Germany, not the famous one in Cologne but in Dusseldorf, I saw something in Switzerland, in Basel withe witches and whistle blowers but the best I ever saw was in St. Lucia in the Caribbean.
Well here in Sicily they don't keep it so seriously but they have some charts as well. In Sciacca, I remember, there was one year that they had works going on in the main streets, in a way that the carts couldn't pass, so they decided to change the dates of Carnival and they made it in summer. In this way they had a good tourist attraction more during the summer season, Of course good for business. I don't know if they still make it in summer or maybe on both dates, in summer and winter.. One year I went to the Carnival in my neighbor town to Cinisi. Remember that there where a lot of small children spraying some foam on me and when I turned there spray bottles and sprayed it back to them, they started to cry and I got troubles with there Moms. Same with this kind of plastic hammers which squeaks when they hit you and when I hit them back, not only the hammer squeaked - also the kids and of course the Moms...
So I decided to never go again on any Carnival and asked my friend to send me some pictures, more save for me, the little kids and there Moms. Here we have some photos from Cinisi, this year without charts (the years before they had between 2 and 6), I think that depends on how much money some sponsor is willing to pay. In the past they thought about to make it like the Sciaccia people in summer, but this idea ends up somewhere, probably in the sand of the beach of Cinisi..
The other pictures with charts where token in Termini Imerese.

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